Monday, September 28, 2009

Homemade Nut Milk

I discovered the benefit of fresh homemade Nut milk a few years ago while I was exploring the Raw food world. I found that an entirely Raw food diet was not for me yet, some of the recipes have stuck with me. Our bodies are most happy when we feed it an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Drinking homemade nut milk allows you to add yet another fresh enzyme packed element to your diet. It is easy and oh so good!

I like to add Almond or Hazelnut milk to my morning Green Tea and to my morning smoothie. You can make a nut milk with Walnuts, Almonds, Hemp Seeds, Hazelnuts (fantastic!), or pumpkin seeds.

It is simple.

Add about a 1/4 cup of nuts and 2 cups of water to a high speed blender.

*Add a 1/2 tsp of vanilla (alcohol free) or even better... toss in some vanilla beans from the inside of a vanilla pod.

Blend in a High speed blender until it becomes liquid.

Strain with a fine mesh strainer or cheese cloth.

Your Milk will last about 3 days in the refrigerator.

* A quick alternative is to mix a nut butter, like almond butter, with water. You will need about 2 tablespoons for 2 cups of water. The outcome is about the same but need to strain out the excess husks.

Post your thoughts after you try your homemade Nut Milk.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Super Foods!

There are many food choices available to us on a daily basis.
We all pretty much know what to eat if we want to stay healthy.
Some foods however offer additional and almost medicinal benefits.
I have made it my mission to find these foods
and incorporate them into my diet.

Here is a short list of Foods that I LOVE for the their nutritional value, and a few super foods that I read about from Dr. Oz There are many more but these top the list for being the foods that most people will enjoy...check it out...

  • Almonds : The BEST snack of all! These are high in fiber and protein. They will satiate you so hunger will not overtake you between meals. Pair them with a cup of plain Greek yougurt for extra protein and a dab of honey just for taste...YUM!

  • Broccoli : Broccoli acts like a medicine in our body. It helps to remove toxins from your liver like no other medicine or food available! I add huge chunks of broccoli to my daily veggie drink. If you don't have a juicer for your veggies, simply add broccoli to your daily veggie intake. Make it one of the 5 fruits and vegetables you consume daily.

  • Green Tea and Coffee : OK, here it is.... the more I read this about coffee the more I am convinced... Coffee does contain antioxidants! It's shortcoming lies in the caffeine which can overstimulate the nervous system, the adrenals (which help regulate your stress response), and your heart. If you want the punch of antioxidants without the caffeine overload, grab a cup of green tea. Even caffinated green tea has much less caffeine than coffee. Maybe have that morning cup of coffee and then switch to green tea for that late afternoon pick me up.

  • Dark Chocolate : The chocolate of choice needs to be at least 70 %. This high quality bittersweet cocoa contains flavinoids (natural antioxidants) that improve blood vessel function. Enjoy an ounce or two a day! By the way..milk chocolate does not count. It is loaded with milk fat...pass on that one.

  • Oatmeal : Steel cut oatmeal is loaded with healthy fiber which makes it an excellent choice for breakfast. Top it with fruit to beef up your fruit/veggie quota and add some nuts for extra protein and healthy fats! I like to add a bit of plain yogurt for an extra dose of protein and a healthy dose of probiotics. Buy the plain greek yogurt since it contains no added sugar. You can always add some agave or honey if you have a desperate sweet tooth that needs it's fix.
Enjoy Your Super Foods!
Your body will be pleased.