Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cinnamon Toast!!

Ahh...the tasty luxury of Cinnamon Toast! I thought those days were over once I discovered that I had a sensitivity to sugar cane and wheat, let alone blood sugar issues.
I have now created a wonderful alternative to this traditional favorite.

I toast whole grain spelt bread (sans the Yeast).
Then I top it with a healthy buttery spread like
Earth Balance Soy Garden Spread
a bit of cinnamon,
and then a wonderful sweetner called AGAVE.

  1. made from the cactus plant
  2. perfectly sweet
  3. pours like honey
  4. a low glycemic food
You will need very little AGAVE... you will have to figure out how much your taste buds desire by taste testing.

Simply spread the ingredients on your toast and enjoy!