Friday, April 22, 2011

Eating Meat and Food Inc

If you haven't seen this movie yet....
It is a must see for every person that consumes animal products.

I just watched it again and I think I am officially off beef!...
and probably pork and chicken....
I can at least limit my intake and only eat it
at restaurants that order their meat from
farms that make animal welfare a priority.

It is impossible to watch the inhumane
treatment of animals by many large

producers of beef, chicken and pork....and not be affected by the images.
go to:
Food Inc

When you do eat meat...
Make an effort to search out farmers that offer better environments
for the animals and

a more humane way of handling them.
I agree that statement sounds a little oxymoronic,
but we can at least search out farms that are concerned about
animal welfare and not simply mass production of meat.

The movie is on can even watch it on your computer
if you have a netflix account!

Check it out.
Now, I need to call
In and Out burger
and find out where they
get their beef supply.....oh let it be Niman Ranch Farms!
Niman Ranch