Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

A New Year is always a great time to try new things.
I love that idea! I am a big fan of trying new things.

How about trying New recipes that incorporate a way of eating that is unfamiliar to you?
Or recipes that introduce your palate to flavors,
seasonings, or food combinations that you have never experienced? Sound interesting?

I discovered a great article in the New York Times with fantastic recipes by Mark Bittman. He uses the term semi-veganism to describe his outlook on eating a plant based diet.
Great idea because most people feel like the becoming a vegan is
akin to a prison sentence for their taste buds. I understand. I used to feel that way too.
I am so pleased that he is promoting the benefits of a plant based diet in a manner
that is actually achievable for most of us.
Why not make one dinner meal a week a plant based meal?
It's easy, healthy, inexpensive.

NY TIMES magazine

Read the above article and see if you aren't inspired to
try at least one of his tasty recipes.
I am starting with the Pasta, Beans,

and Tomatoes!
I am a sucker for anything Italian..It's in my genes.

Happy New Year!