Sunday, June 20, 2010


Nutritional supplements can be an important step in maintaining a healthy diet.
Most of us simply don't consume enough nutrient dense
food to give our bodies it's daily requirements.

If I was stranded on a dessert Island and could only have two supplements to
to take with me...I would have to say...
A. a multi vitamin (no brainer) and
B. Omega 2 Fish Oil

Here's why:

Multi Vitamin

It covers your basics. If you don't consume a large amounts of fruit and veggies...
keep this on your list. It will fill in what you are missing.
Find a formula with a suggested dose of two tablets three times a day.
Plus look for one that delivers more than the
Food and Drug Administrations

recommended daily allowance minimums.

Omega 3's

These babies balance mental health, improve your blood lipid profile and most importantly are
terrific anti-inflammatories. We need to include anti- inflammatory food in our diet to counter balance the damage we do to our body via stress and poor diet. Omega 3's will help immensely. You can also find a large quantity of Omega 3's in salmon,
yet most of us don't consume salmon every day.
Take 2,000 mg every day.
Be sure to find a supplement that is moleculary distilled.
Meaning they have removed any mercury from the oil! Very important!

A few great brands of Omega 3 supplements...
Carlson Labs, Nordic Naturals, Enzymatic Therapy and Europharma

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