Monday, March 22, 2010

Ginger Tea

Fresh Ginger is a wonderful treat!
It has so many valuable and tasty uses.
Most people have tried it in a stir fry dish, a Thai dish, or maybe you have tried the pickled ginger often served with Sushi.

Apart from having such a strong and original flavor, Ginger also has medicinal qualities. It contains large amounts of something called gingerols which have powerful anti- inflammatory qualities. This is exciting news for anyone with inflammatory issues including sinus allergies. You will be amazed how much a cup of warm fresh brewed ginger tea can bring down sinus congestion! Tis the season for allergies so that cup of ginger might just be your best friend right about now!...except for your netti pot! Check out my earlier posts for information on using netti pots. They work wonders for
your sinuses and allergies.

You can brew ginger tea easily by simply chopping sliver of fresh ginger and placing it in a cup of hot water. I have found that finely grating the ginger or juicing the ginger with a juice extractor has a way of producing more profound levels of ginger for your tea. In the photo, you will see my most recent pot ginger tea. It is nice and green because I used my juice extractor to juice my ginger, after I had juiced my daily dose of veggie juice. It did not change the flavor of my ginger tea in the slightest, it simply made it green. Which I liked so much that I had to take a picture!

You can heat the ginger tea or drink it cold. I find that either version is great for an upset stomach. However, a hot ginger drink is best for those stuffed up sinuses. Add a little Agave or Honey for an interesting twist on the flavor.

Enjoy, and post your opinions!

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